No Delay Productions
                      Bob maurer
             Producing & DiRECTING FOR TELEVISION
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Bob is a creative producer and director who has worked in the television business for over 15 years. 

While studying television production at Brooklyn College, he interned @ MTV and eventually went on to develop, create & produce all different types of formats for the network: 
talk show, game show, sports competition show, sketch comedy, music performance, hidden camera, docu-performance-reality & sitcom. 

In the early 1990’s, Bob worked on the very popular stand-up comedy series, MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour and got his first taste of producing comedy for television. By the mid 1990’s, he created & produced MTV’s 1st sitcom, Apartment 2F and in 1999, developed & produced the ground breaking comedy series, The Tom Green Show for MTV.  

Between 2002 -2003, Bob produced back to back music specials for Christina Aguilera and then for Britney Spears. The Spears project was eventually nominated & won the Daytime Emmy Award for Editing. 

In 2004, Bob formed No Delay Productions, Inc. and went on to produce 5 straight seasons (162 episodes) of MTV's highly rated dating show, Room Raiders. No Delay has then gone on to produce comedy pilots for VH1, TV Land, Comedy Central and a scripted web music series for The Ford Motor Company. 

In 2011, Bob was hired to be the the executive producer of the first season of Major League Baseball's award winning online digital series  The website  eventually garnered over 1 million views. Bob managed a production team that produced over 200+ short form videos with MLB players, actors, comedians and performances from bands. The content would not only air on, MLB Fancave’s Facebook page and MLB's You Tube site but also on each of the 30 baseball teams websites. 

Today, Bob Maurer Productions (formerly No Delay Productions) continues to develop and produce reality, music, sports, comedy programming for production companies and networks. 

Bob is now a resident of Harrison, NY with his wife Jennifer and 2 children, Tyler & Kylie. 

Recent clients include: Red Line Films, Paperny Entertainment, Leopard Films, Endemol, Major League Baseball, Picture Shack Entertainment, MTV2, ISH Entertainment, BET, Lion TV, TV Land, Embassy Row, TBA Global, J. Walter Thompson, Ford Motor Co, MTV Tr3s, VH1, MTV.COM, Comedy Central, Landing Patch Productions and ITV. 

Responsibilities Bob has had include the following:  
* Guide the creative progress of the show's story and all creative decisions from casting, wardrobe, field & post production and set to script approval.
 * Oversee the day to day aspects of the production and manage project from concept to execution. 
* Work with the Line Producer to devise budget 
• Hire/Manage key staff & crew members (Director, DP, Unit Manager, Set    Designer, Lighting Designer)
* Develop production schedule, format & post calender
* Participated in location scouting
* Hire/Manage key post production staff (Post Supervisor, Post Producer, Music & Graphics Coordinators). 
* Selected and/or approved choice of post-production facility & Editors.
* Viewed the "daily rough cuts" and provided in-person consultation with the Post Producer & Editor. 
* Selected and/or approved of the graphics company & oversee the development process of all graphics, title sequence and bumpers. 
* Selected and/or approved the sound mix house & audio mixer & provided ongoing, in-person consultation during the sound mix sessions. 
* Served as the primary point of contact for the network and production company entities for delivery requirement issues including Rights & Clearances, Legal, Standards and Practices, air dates & show timings.
Work with multi-platform departments to address all needs.